Ian Paisley urged to reimburse charity for first class plane ticket to New York

GRA blame ‘systemic failings’ for lack of prosecutions in cases involving juveniles



The GRA yesterday said it has sought an “urgent meeting” with the Garda Commissioner regarding the effective operation of the Youth Diversion Programme, following the publication of a garda review of the scheme from 2010 to 2017.

Budding scientists become youngest recipients of Cork Person of the Year awards for their research

Council asks murder victim’s family to remove memorial



A demand by Mayo County Council for the immediate removal of a roadside memorial to a 21-year-old youth who was murdered almost two years ago has been criticised by the victim’s family as “heartbreaking” and “insensitive”.

Coveney: EU will respond in a 'positive way' should Brexit 'red lines' be relaxed



Mr Coveney said Dublin and Brussels are open to responding to any potential future relationship declaration changes despite insisting that the separate withdrawal agreement and backstop stance will not be re-opened.

'Brexit is extremely damaging to British-Irish relations,' conference told



An underlying, "low-grade hostility” to the Irish voice in the UK had emerged as a result of Brexit and relation between the two countries will never be the same again, an economic conference has been told.