Martin hits out at Fine Gael ministers' 'juvenile' election comments

Varadkar pledges income tax cuts if re-elected as Taoiseach

Leo Varadkar has kickstarted Fine Gael's election campaign by pledging to cut income tax more if returned as Taoiseach, as he attacked the opposition for boom and bust economics of the past.

UUP: Fine Gael having a 'poke in the eye of unionists' with Brexit remarks

Harris says election likely unless Fianna Fáil extend Confidence and Supply deal

Health Minister Simon Harris has joined the chorus of Fine Gael ministers who have threatened a general election unless Fianna Fáil sign up to a deal to extend the life of the minority government.

Magdalene redress criteria under fire

The Department of Justice is calculating payments for the newly expanded Magdalene redress scheme on the basis that “no child under the age of 12 years of age worked in a Magdalene Laundry” unless it can be proven otherwise.